Can Doctors Be Trusted?




ISBN:  983-104-099-6
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 48

In the book:

  • ¬†The real causes of medical errors
  • ¬†Common medical errors
  • ¬†Medical nightmares in the US
  • ¬†Dead: From an eardrum surgery
  • ¬†Higher risk of death than in a plane crash!
  • ¬†Who‚Äôs at higher risk?
  • ¬†Unnecessary tests and operations
  • ¬†Be an informed patient
  • ¬†Doctors DON‚ÄôT always know best
  • ¬†What can you do?


Medical errors may be the No. 2 killer in Malaysia  /  The real causes of medical errors (sidebar)  /  Common medical errors (sidebar)  /  More Malaysian cases  /  Medical nightmares in the US  /  Dead: From an eardrum surgery  /  Higher risk of death than in a plane crash!  /  Who’s at higher risk?  /  Unnecessary tests and operations  /  Be an informed patient (sidebar)  /  CAP’s recommendations  /  Doctors DON’T always know best  /  What can you do?

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