Caught in the Web


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ISBN 978-967-5447-23-5
Book size: 140 x 110 mm
Pages: 72

Many psychological, behavioural and neurological studies have revealed troubling information about how the Internet is reshaping our brains, warping our minds and diminishing our depth of thinking.

The Internet and smart devices are dumbing us.

  • People who read text studded with links read less than those who read words printed on pages.
  • People who are continually distracted by emails, updates and other messages understand less than those who are able to concentrate.
  • Multitaskers are less creative and less productive than those who do one thing at a time.
  • Social networking sites which pump out streams of brief messages can shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification, and make young people more self-centred.


Psychological Side-Effects of Internet Use  / How the Internet Rewires Our Brains & Alters Our Minds  / Multitasking: More is Less — Slows Us Down & Makes Us Less Productive  / Social Media Leads to Self-centredness, Insecurity & Anxiety  / The Internet Erodes Real Reading  / iPad Bad for Your Body  / Internet Addiction: A World Wide Woe 


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