Combating Climate Change – Good Practices from Asia




ISBN 978-983-3083-50-3
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 56

Climate change has become a topical issue that affects every living being on this planet. There are no ways of escaping its effects or stopping the process altogether. However, there are means and methods of mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. This booklet highlights a compilation of adaptation and disaster preparation methods practiced by local communities in developing countries in South and South-East Asia.


How Climate Change Affects Us  /  Good Practices from Asia  /  Mangroves Protect People and Biodiversity  /  The Benefits of Mangroves  /  Coconut and Guava Trees as Windbreakers  /  Holistic Approach to River Basin Management  /  Method to Produce Stronger Paddy Stalks  /  Sharing of Saline-Tolerant Seeds  /  Community-Based Seed Storage Facilities  /  Native Seeds Stored for Post-Disaster Recultivation  /  Community Rescue Shelters  /  Skimming Wells for Drinking Water and Irrigation  /  Rainwater Ponds: An Alternative Drinking Water Source  /  Fortification of Fishermen’s Homes  /  Biomass-Generated Electricity  /  Micro Insurance to Reduce Post-Disaster Trauma  /  Local Communities as On-the-Spot Rescuers  /  STOP Unsustainable Development

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