Contaminated Humans




ISBN 978-983-3083-57-2
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All these chemicals and more (from various products and polluting sources) are found in our bodies.

  • ¬†Mercury (seafood)
  • ¬†PAHs (open burning)
  • ¬†PFCs (non-stick coatings)
  • ¬†Organochlorines (pesticides)
  • ¬†Dioxins and Furans (incineration, plastic production)
  • ¬†PBDEs (furniture, electronics)
  • ¬†PCNs (wood preservatives)
  • ¬†PCBs (electrical insulators)
  • ¬†Triclosan (Antibacterials)
  • ¬†Artificial musks (fragrances)
  • ¬†Phthalates (plastic)
  • ¬†DDT (pesticide)
  • ¬†and more‚Ķ

Find out why and what you can do to reduce exposures.

Chemical Trespass  /  Cover Up by Industry  /  Affect Childhood and Adulthood  /  Diseases Now & in Future Generations  /  Reproductive Health in Decline  /  Dangers in Plastics  /  The Chemicals that Can Affect Human Reproductive Health  /  Human Health Problems On the Rise  /  From Goods to Food  /  Flame Retardants in Products  /  PBDEs Build Up in Our Body  /  Chemical Facts  /  How Chemicals Get into Our Body  /  How to Stop the Chemical Onslaught  /  What Consumers Can Do

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