Tanah Air-Ku: Land Issues In Malaysia


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ISBN 983-104-070-8
Book size: 140 x 215 mm
Pages: 276

This book is based on the CAP national conference on “Land: Emerging Issues and Challenges”.

It makes an important attempt to understand the degradation of the landscape and environment, and more uniquely, to link it with the attrition in the traditional systems, mores and values.

The economic boom and get-rich-quick mentality have hastened this process, begun in colonial times. Development activities have thus escalated – even through fraudulent means, or abuse and misuse of the law – aided by unjust legal provisions. In the process whole communities have been uprooted; vast areas of forests, highlands, farmland and settlements razed.

The outcome has been the loss in biodiversiry and natural resources; decline in food production, especially rice; pollution and erosion. At the same time urban, industrial and squatter areas swell with the ranks of the dispossessed, as farms, estates and kampungs disappear.

In this book, a group of concerned researchers, professionals and social activists present a broad yet unified scope of such issues:

  •  problems of alienation, acquisition, and land use trends
  •  land development’s impacts on the environment
  •  Food security vis-a-vis idle land
  •  Malay reserve and wakaf land
  •  land rights of communities, especially the Orang Asli
  •  rights of tenants and squatters.
Interspersed among their work are the personal testimonies of ordinary folk whose lives have been overturned by development/land policies. Its breadth of perspectives, its fresh and provocative approach, makes this book indispensable for not only researchers, academics and teachers, students, journalists, policy planners, but also those who think it critical to re examine the country’s system of development, attitude and relationship to land and its uses.
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