Cosmetics & Personal Care Products




ISBN 983-104-093-7
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 140

A companion volume to the CAP Guide on Cancer-causing Chemicals in Cosmetics & Daily Use Products.

In this book:

  • ¬†Don’t be fooled by cosmetic claims
  • ¬†Animal tests are no guarantee for safety
  • ¬†Toxic baby baths
  • ¬†Underlying truth about underarm preparations
  • ¬†Unnecessary feminine hygiene wash
  • ¬†Dy(e)ing young? ‚Äď regular use of hair dyes can cause cancer
  • ¬†Forever young? ‚Äď Anti-wrinkle cosmetics: Line-lifter or skin scam?
  • ¬†“Advanced” Cosmetic tricks: Unmasking the truth behind scientific-sounding claims in skincare products
  • ¬†Hypoallergenic hype “gentle” but rough: The cutting edge of “allergy tested” cosmetics
  • ¬†Natural cosmetics: Safe & simple alternatives to skincare products with cancer-causing chemicals

– Natural hair remedies
– Beautiful eyes & teeth
– Beauty foods

  • ¬†The ugly face of the cosmetics lobby

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