Don’t Be A Victim Of Mindless Buying




ISBN 978-983-104-199-4
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 142

Why do you buy mindlessly? Go for stuff that you don’t really need. Pay extravagantly for branded designer stuffs that are actually made in China, Vietnam or even in our own backyards. Or feel instant gratification (but a fleeting one) by over-spending and only regretting it later. Can’t help it? Find out the real reasons for your behaviour.

Companies, shopping malls, and casinos are all using manipulative techniques to make you buy, gamble or overspend. They use “coercive atmospherics”, secret eye and path tracking devices in their products, “subliminal messages” and other tricks to manipulate consumers without them being aware of these tricks. They use colours, smell, temperature, lighting, placement, music, fragrances and a whole armoury of weapons to attack your subconcious, emotional needs and insecurities. They may know some parts of you better than you do because they study you to manipulate you.


The Buying Trap / Wanted for Advertisers / Selling Tricks / Shopping Mall Manipulation / Secret Spying / Gillette / The Supermarket Snare / The Casino Catch / Crave, Need, Own & Spend More / Advertising Tricks / Selling False Hopes / Displaying Hidden Messages / Advertising / 9 Methods of Manipulatio Used in Advertising / 3 Ways Advertisements Destroy You / 2 Ways Advertising Destroys Earth / Advertising is Anti-People / Advertisers’ “WANTED” List / WARNING: These ads may be bad for your health / What Consumers Can Do

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