Eating Chemicals From Food Packaging




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  • 4,000 chemicals used
  • Only 25% of chemicals tested for toxicity
  • Migration into food through leaching (into liquids) and gas (into dry foods like rice or cereals)
  • Happens during cooking, processing, packaging and storage

We’re Eating Chemicals from Packaging

Researchers have found traces of styrene, a likely  carcinogen, in instant noodles sold in polystyrene cups.  They’ve detected nonylphenol — an estrogen-mimicking chemical produced by the breakdown of antioxidants used in plastics — in apple juice and baby formula. They’ve found traces of other hormone-disrupting chemicals in various foods: fire retardants in butter, Teflon components in microwave popcorn, and dibutyltin — a heat stabiliser for PVC — in beer, margarine, mayonnaise, processed cheese and wine. They’ve found unidentified estrogenic substances leaching from plastic water bottles.

— The Washington Post


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