Eating Right




ISBN 978-967-5447-
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Eating right is the cornerstone of good health.  Optimal health lies not only in good nutrition and good living habits, but also our eating behaviour.

Learn the  principles for eating right for good health:

  • Eat the Right Combination of Foods
  • Eat Mindfully: Pay Attention to the Whole Eating Process
  • Eat Water
  • Eat Fruits Whole, Not Juiced
  • Eat a Rainbow of Colours
  • Eat Foods in Their Natural State if Possible
  • Eat the Skin Too
  • Eat Natural “White Flesh” Produce
  • Eat the 5 Flavours
  • Eat Only When You’re Hungry
  • Eat Slowly
  • Eat Smaller Portions
  • Stop Eating When 80% Full

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