Emotional Fitness




ISBN 978-983-3083-65-7
Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 144

Emotional well-being is central to our good health in today’s world where mental and physical diseases are linked to our inability to cope with the stresses of modern living.

Mental diseases and diseases related to stress are shooting up in urbanised societies. In Malaysia, about 21% of our population have some form of mental illness. An average of 7 Malaysians commit suicide each day.

Negative emotions are linked to poor physical health. Anger raises cholesterol levels and heart attack risks by 300%. On the other hand optimistic people live 19% longer than pessimists.

Suicides, depression and hyper-anxiety among schoolchildren around the world have reached epidemic levels.

This book will teach you how to handle your emotions effectively, make you aware of your feelings and appreciate what you are able to do, and make relationships work better.


ANGER Control It Before It Controls You  /  BOREDOM Overcome Life’s Little Doldrums  /  DEPRESSION Beating the Blues  /  DISTORTED THINKING You Are What You Think  /  FAILURE Mastering It for Success  /  GENEROSITY The Endless Joy of Giving  /  GRATITUDE Good for the Body, Mind and Soul   /  HOSTILITY It Will Hurt You  /  JEALOUSY Zap the Green-Eyed Monster  /  LONELINESS Get Out of the Rut  /  LOYALTY A Disappearing Virtue  /  MISTAKES An Opportunity for Learning and Growth  /  NEGATIVE ATTITUDE A Self-Inflicted Smear Campaign  /  PATIENCE Don’t Live Life Without It  /  PERSISTENCE Strength and Success in Tenacity  /  POSITIVE THINKING Putting Sunshine into Our Lives  /  PRIDE Virtue or Flaw?  /  REJECTION Understanding Irrational Fears  /  RESILIENCE When Your Life is Disrupted  /  RESPECT A Basic Pillar of Character  /  SELF-RESPECT An Essential and Admirable Trait  /  TRUST The Secret of a Meaningful Relationship  /  WORRY Stop Worrying and Start Living  /  CHILDREN How to Raise Emotionally Competent Kids

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