Exercise as Medicine




ISBN 978-983-3083-61-9
Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 232

Want to live long, healthy and strong, or avoid disease and premature death? It’s possible. There is a formula for a healthy life and it is summed up in one word: Exercise.

Exercise brings health; lack of exercise promotes disease. Even if you already have a disease or are in poor health, exercise can help to minimise, control or manage your health condition. Exercise also helps you feel better ‚Äď physically, emotionally and mentally. It improves your body‚Äôs flexibility, strength and mobility.

This book provides the A-Z of what medical science knows about exercise, health and disease. It also shows you how to exercise for the various illnesses.


Exercise as Medicine  /  Part 1: Exercise Cures for Diseases A-Z  /  Alzheimer’s Disease  /  Anti-Ageing  /  Blood Pressure  /  Brain Function  /  Cancer  /  Cardiovascular Diseases  /  Cholesterol  /  Chronic Pain  /  Circadian Rhythm  /  Colds  /  Depression  /  Diabetes  /  Early Death  /  Fibromyalgia  /  Heart Disease  /  Immune Function  /  Impotence  /  Insulin Resistance  /  Leg Artery Disease  /  Lung Disease  /  Menopause  /  Mental Health  /  Metabolic Syndrome  /  Obesity  /  Osteoporosis  /  Parkinson’s Disease  /  Pregnancy  /  Rheumatic Disease  /  Sciatica  /  Skin Health  /  Sleep  /  Stress  /  Stroke  /  Weight Control  /  Part 2: How to Exercise What Happens When You Exercise  /  Part 3: Basic Exercises for Daily Living  /  Strength Training  /  Stretching Exercises  /  Balance Exercises  /  Part 4: Eastern Exercises for Good Health  /  Qigong  /  Tai Chi  /  Yoga  /  Meditation

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