Fashion That Hurts




ISBN 978-983-104-173-4
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 150

Topics include:

  •  The Fashion Trap.
  •  The Ugly Side of “Beauty”.
  •  Hazards of Fashion.
  •  Dangers of Modern Shoes.
  •  Foot Problems & How to Avoid Them.
  •  Tight Underwear: Low Sperm Count .
  •  Thongs: Underwear that Invite Infections.
  •  Health Problems from Tight Clothes.
  •  Corsets Damage Internal Organs.
  •  Girdles Cause Swelling & Circulatory Problems.
  •  Miniskirts: Minimal Protection, Maximum Risk.
  •  What Pantyhose Pose.
  •  The Hazards of Cosmetics & Daily Use Products.
  •  Waxing: Look Before You Burn.
  •  Hair Loss from Hair Straightening.
  •  Hip Hugger Hazard.
  •  Hazards at the Hairdressing Salon.
  •  Bras & Breast Cancer.
  •  Ties & Glaucoma.
  •  Deaths & Dangers from Tattoos, Body Piercing & Body Mutilation.

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