Halal Haram in Culture


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ISBN 978-967-5447-79-2
Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 252
“I welcome efforts by the Consumer Association of Penang to produce a rare book of its kind written by a contemporary writer. The book not only reveals various cultural clashes between Islam and culture of life as inferred from the philosophy of Western civilization, it is also a critical discussion of each of the cultures that have become today’s trend. It touches on the question of entertainment, clothing, leisure, festive celebrations, influence of reading materials, contemporary dramas and films, the commercialization of acts of worship, self-adornment, parading wealth right up to the question of children’s toys. This book clearly reveals how popular cultures have become the order of the day by today’s Muslims and practiced blindly despite clashing with the Islamic syari’ah.”
S.S. Dato’ Seri Haji Hassan Bin Haji Ahmad Mufti, Penang State Government.



Entertainment  /  Dramas and Films  / Celebrations  /  Publication and the Media  /  Advertisements  /  Beauty Contest  / Culture of Wastage  /  Elitists’ Way of Life  /  Sports and Recreation  /  Fashion Shows and Modern Fashions  /  Social Behaviour and Daily Conduct  /  Women and Men in Matters of Self Beautifying  /  Children’s Toys  /  Commercialized Ramadan  / Night Life at Entertainment Centres  /  Holidays and Tourism  /  Dangerous Foods and Fast Food Culture  /  Various Types of Jobs Forbidden in Islam  /  “Garbage Culture” in the Lives of Children and Educational Burden  /  Feasts that are Excessive and Wasteful  /  Obituaries / Black Metal  /  The Culture of Sprinkling Rose Water /  Titles and Ranks / Culture of Paying Excessive Tributes  /  Umrah and Hajj  /  Mobile Phones and SMS  /  Influence of TV / Culture of Dressing  / Influence of Computers  /  Exclusive Clubs  /  Reality Programmes and Game Show  /  Colouring of the Hair /  Plastic Surgery  /  Beauty and Cosmetics Industry  /  Entertainment and Talent Competitions  /  Displaying Contributions  /  Pornography  /  The Advent of Cyber Cafés  /  Culture of Smoking  / Displaying Pictures that Reveal the Body in Photographic Career  /  Tight Fitting Clothes that Reveal Body Curvatures  / Career in Fashion Modeling and Advertising Talent  /  Memorials and Monuments  / Jurisdiction on Women Resembling Men (Pengkid)  /  Law on Tattooing According to Islam  /  Conclusion — Returning to Islam Fully as the Only Option


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