Halal Haram


“For a Muslim any issue that concerns the question of Halal and Haram should be taken seriously. As such, I am of the opinion that this book, which is the result of CAP’s research, will be sought after by Muslims not only in Malaysia but also throughout the world. “I recommend that this book be read and studied by all members of society. This book will clarify whatever doubts are in the minds of Muslims as the issues are explained scientifically.” – Dato’ Seri Dr. Harussani Zakaria, Mufti, State Government of Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

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ISBN 978-983-3083-26-8
Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 200.

Inside the book

  •  Collagen from executed prisoners, placentas and aborted foetuses were found to be used in cosmetics.
  •  Nearly 3,000 additives are used in our foods today, many of which have doubtful or animal origins. These include: – Human hair derivative added to bread or pizzas. – Colouring from squashed insects in your favourite foods.
  •  Blood plasma powder derived from blood from slaughterhouses is used to make fish balls, burgers and processed meats.
  •  Gelatine (pig protein) in many food and non-food products.
  •  Pig DNA from gelatine found in chicken breast fillets and gelatine found in other meat products.
  •  Questionable status of food served in hotels and restaurants.
  •  Fake Halal logos on many food products.
  •  Many different Halal logos found in the market. Which one(s) can be trusted?
  •  Simulated essence of excrement in cigarettes.
  •  Extract from the anal scent glands of civet cats used in perfume.
  •  Crockery made from bone ash.


Problems Pertaining to the Halall Haram Issue  /  Muslim Dietary Ethics  /  Gelatine  /  Cheese and Whey  /  Animal Fats  /  Other Haram and Doubtful Substances  /  Other Consumer Products and Issues


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