Herbs in Daily Life




ISBN 978-967-5447-18-1
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 72

Twenty types of herbs commonly used by Malay, Indian and Chinese communities have been selected and names are given in major local languages. This guide also shares about the medicinal values of these plants; and how to grow and use them in daily life.chemicalised fake foods and other dangers in your diet. It also shows you how to be a food detective.


Foreword / Air Plant  /  Aloe Vera  /  Asthma Weed / Balloon Vine  /  Cats Whiskers  /  Climbing Brinjal  /  False Daisy  /  Fragrant Screwpine  /  Garden Rue  /  Hibiscus  /  Holy Basil  /  Indian Borage  /  Indian Camphorweed  /  Indian Copperleaf/nettle  /  King of Bitters  /  King Vegetables  /  Wild Cosmos  /  Lagundi  /  Lemon Grass  /  Pennywort  /  Stone Breaker  /  Things to Remember  /  Tips on Herbal preparation methods  /  Ring Garden for Herbs  /  Name of plants in major local languages

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