HOW MUCH IS HIDDEN? Pay for Elites in Government-Linked Entities?


Pay for Elites in Government-Linked Entities



ISBN 978-967-5447-99-50
Book size: 215 x 140 mm
Pages: 142

The presence of government-linked entities as influential players in the financial markets and economy sets Malaysia’s business ecosystem apart from competitive market-based systems. Ownership and control of these entities give the government considerable power and influence over the appointments and the remuneration packages of their directors. A wave of scandals involving these entities has worsened confidence in the performance of their boards of directors and raised questions on the role of their remuneration practices. But little is known to date on these practices.

Introduction  / Government-linked entities  / Pay fundamentals  / This much we know  / Our right to know more  / Why do we bother?  / A call for regulatory reform  / Conclusion 

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