How To Complain and Get Results




ISBN 983-104-156-9
Book size: 125 x 190mm
Pages: 255

This book is full of tips and advice on what your rights are as a consumer and how to complain effectively. It is packed with real life cases of consumers who were cheated.

In the book:

  •  What are your rights if you were sold a faulty TV or home theater system?
  •  What do you do if your housing developer asks for “extra” payments not stated in the contract?
  •  Can your insurance company force you to buy an extra policy when you only want to renew your motor insurance cover?
  •  What are your chances of recovering money illegally withdrawn via the ATM?
  •  Must you pay up if you are overbilled for some services or utilities like your water or phone?
  •  What are your rights and the benefits available from EPF and Socso?
  •  How you can make claims from the Tribunal for Consumer Claims and the Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims.
  •  AND MORE…

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