How Unsafe Is Your Mobile Phone




ISBN 983-104-098-8
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 48

Health threats from mobile phones include:

  •   Fry the brain & skin.
  •   Higher cancer risks.
  •   DNA & immune system damage.
  •   Birth defects.
  •   Raised blood pressure.
  •   Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis & Parkinson’s disease.
  •   Heart disease & Kidney stones.
  •   Decreased sex drive, burning sensations & fatigue.
  •   Release poisons from fillings.
  •   Headaches, dizziness & concentration lapses.
  •   Antenna danger.
  •   Electromagnetic pollution.
  •   Radio waves pose invisible danger.


How unsafe is your mobile phone  /  What is mobile phone radiation  /  More health threats  /  Warning labels on phone packages  /  How your mobile phone works  /  Lawsuits  /  Antenna danger  /  Electromagnetic pollution  /  Radio waves pose invisible danger

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