In Defence Of Land And Livelihood




ISBN 0-9699660-1-6
Book size: 215 x 140mm
Pages: 34

In a matter of 15 years, shrimp aquaculture has become a US$9 billion industry, active in over 5O countries. The rapid expansion of this industry has meant that the shrimp is now cheaper and more readily available to consumers. However, the social and environmental consequences of shrimp aquaculture have been devasting for coastal communities.

In this booklet, farmers and fishers from coastal regions in India. Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia describe their experience with the commercial aquoculture industry. These testimonies are grim as people speak about environmental destruction, the loss of mangrove forests, pollution, the displacement of entire villages, and the conflict that the industry has introduced. Yet these stories are also inspiring, as people from coastal communities describe how they have organized to protect their environments and livelihoods, often under the threat of violence.

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