Laser Eye Surgery




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Laser surgery to correct vision isn’t for everyone. There may be unknown long-term side effects, and there is no guarantee that your eyesight will become better. In the PRK procedure, you may face problems like:

  •   under-correction that may need re-treatments.
  •   overcorrection – which means you may still need to wear glasses or contact lenses.
  •   night vision difficulties.

In LASIK surgery, you may face complications like:

  •   corneal flap damage or loss.
  •   distorted corneal flap – which can cause a decrease of best-corrected vision.


Laser eye surgery: 20/20 vision, 50-50 chance or advertising hype?  /  What is laser eye surgery  /  PRK side-effects and complications  /  Unsuitable candidates  /  Misleading claims  /  Contradictions: See Optimax’s ad with wide open eyes  /  LASIK: Another controversial treatment  /  From bad to worse

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