Prevent Cancer




ISBN 983-104-062-7
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 40

Fend off Malaysia’s second biggest killer with diet and llfestyle changes:¬†

  • ¬†EAT more than 7 servings a day of grains, legumes, roots & tubers.
  • ¬†EAT 5 or more servings a day of a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • ¬†LIMIT intake of refined sugar and avoid all processed foods.
  • ¬†STAY AWAY from alcohol and tobacco.
  • ¬†REDUCE intake of red and charred meats, fatty foods, salted foods and salt.
  • ¬†EXERCISE vigorously for a total of at least 1 hour a week.

… and lots of other useful tips.

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