State Of The Environment In Malaysia


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ISBN 967-9950-99-9
Book size: 140 x 215mm
Pages: 515

Malaysian economy has made great strides and the rewards of economic development have clearly benefited sectors of Malaysian society. However, our sense of achievement needs to be tempered by one of caution and concern over the dangers of rapid economic growth.

Some development projects have been implemented with such haste that many sectors of Malaysian government and civil society are beginning to question the direction and cost of uncontrolled development …

“Wealth cannot bring back lost species, repair an irretrievably poisoned atmosphere or contaminated soil. Sadly, there are many in the developing world who ignore the environmental degradation and social disintegration evidenced in the Western industrialised countries, who neglect to learn from tragic mistakes past and lessons learnt, and choose instead to prescribe themselves the same dose of bad medicine.” – Tan Sri Razali Ismail, President, UN General Assembly

It is high time to assess the situation in this country – and over 80 top Malaysian and international experts have done so in this unique work with their findings analyses and recommendations.

Its wide-ranging scope includes these themes:

  •   overview
  •   ecosystems & natural resources
  •   activities that impact on the environment / society
  •   institutional arrangements
  •   policy issues
  •   an alternative vision

This authoritative book is a selected compilation of papers presented at CAP and SAM’s national conference “State of the Malaysian Environment” in Penang, 5-9 January 1996.

It serves as a major reference source, not only for researchers, students, and policy planners but for all those who are concerned with the state of the environment they live in.

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