Teens Thinking About Money




ISBN 978-967-5447-08-2
Book size: 140 X 110 mm
Pages: 14

To take control of our lives we have to learn to simply live within our means. It does not mean a life of living without possessions but living only with the necessities. It means freeing yourself from obsessing about and chasing money – to do the things that are meaningful for yourself, your family, and to the world. You can still have your handphone, car and house but only when you can afford them, and not be obsessed by them. You can actually afford them faster when you do not fritter your money away on unneeded  things and wasteful consumption patterns.
Know how to:
  • Stretch your Ringgit
  • Avoid the traps set by adverts
  • Wear good clothes without being branded (like animals!)
  • Prepare against credit card pains
  • Know the real cost of big item purchases
  • Make a budget
  • Not fall for high costs in hire-purchases
  • Choose handphone packages

And lots more useful stuff…

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