The Happiness Factor




ISBN 978-983-3083-38-1
Book size: 108 x 145mm
Pages: 136

Religions and philosophers say it: “Money can’t buy happiness”. But happiness can buy money.

Today psychologists and social scientists from universities are saying the same thing. They measured happiness and conducted worldwide surveys to reveal the secrets of our well-being. Who is happy and who is not? Which societies are happy? And why are people happy or unhappy?

This guide reveals their findings, which among others, show:

  •  The level of happiness between the 400 richest men in the USA and the Masai herdsmen in Africa is the same.
  •  Downsides to money madness: damage to relationships and self-esteem, a heightened risk of depression and anxiety, less time for activities that truly make people happy (like family, friendship and engaging work), and even headaches.
  •  Happiness levels in Denmark have remained virtually the same since World War II, although incomes have risen considerably.

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