The Malaysian Economy: Structures and Dependence (IMB/TWN)


This book provides an analysis of the structures of the Malayan and the Malaysian economies using the perspective of dependence.

It analyses the structures of dependence in colonial Malaya established by the British during the colonial era, in foreign ownership of key sectors, in trade, finance, the public sector and technology. Estimates are provided on the amounts of surpluses transferred out of colonised Malaya under British rule.

The present economy has many elements of the structures and dynamics described.

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ISBN 978-967-0747-347
Book size: 140 x215 mm


PART I: THE CONCEPT OF EXTERNAL DEPENDENCE   /  Dependence and Surplus Transfers in the Third World   /  PART II:  DEPENDENCE AND SURPLUS TRANSFERS IN COLONIAL MALAYA    /   Historical Background   /  Dependence in Colonial Malaysia   /  Surplus Transfers in Colonial Malaya   /  Some Conclusions   /  PART III: DEPENDENCE IN POST-COLONIAL MALAYSIA   /  Direct Dependence: Ownership and Control of the Economy   /  Trade Dependence   /  Financial Dependence   /  Technical Dependence   /  PART IV: SURPLUS TRANSFERS IN POST-COLONIAL MALAYSIA   /  Surplus from Direct Dependence   /  Surplus from Trade Dependence   /  Surplus from Financial Dependence   /  Surplus from Technical Dependence   /  PART V: CONCLUSIONS 


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