The Secret to Happiness




ISBN 978-967-5447-94-5
Book size: 185 x 125 mm
Pages: 48

To be happy is not the same as to be “successful”.

Only when we throw off our material property can we lose the burdens of having to accumulate and maintain things. Then we can do the things that really matter…

Simple living and high thinking. Above all, deep feeling. That’s the basic recipe for inner wealth and a happy life. And possibly also for the survival of humanity.

Preface   /  Live Simply, and You’ll Live Richly   /  The Secret to Happiness 13  /  Love, Creative Work & Seeking Truth   /  Be in Harmony with Others, Nature & Yourself   /  To Have Things or To Be Alive   /  Live Simply —
So that Others  /  Can Simply Live 

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