Understanding International Organizations




ISBN 983-104-131-3
Book size: 120 x 170mm
Pages: 71

WTO (World Trade Organization)
  •  The WTO and its agreements do not serve the interests of developing countries; they serve those of the development world, and the United States in particular.
  •  The necessity of the WTO is one of the biggest lies of our time, and its acceptance is due to the same propaganda principle practiced by Joseph Goebbels: if you repeat a lie often enough, it will be taken as truth.
World Bank
  •  The poor in most of the World Bank’s borrowing countries are in worse shape than they were a decade-and-a-half ago.
  •  Poverty trends have worsened … The number of poor living on less than US$1 a day rose from 1,197 million in 1987 to 1,214 million in 1997.
IMF (International Monetary Fund)
  •  The IMF has imposed harsh reforms in over 100 countries in the developing and former communist worlds, throwing hundreds of millions of people into deeper poverty.
  •  The IMF’s purely market-based approach has contributed to the fact that at least 1 billion or 30% of the global workforce are unemployed or seriously underemployed today.

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