Unsound Ultrasound-What Risks?




ISBN 983-104-129-1
Book size: 140 x 110mm
Pages: 40

“Ultrasound is a form of energy (with the potential to cause damage), and neither I nor anyone else can be sure what the effects will be somewhere down the road.” ‚ÄĒ Dr Kenneth Russell, former President of the International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians.
In the book:
  • ¬†Unproven safety
  • ¬†Health risks
  • ¬†Routine use of no benefit
  • ¬†Avoid unnecessary exposure
  • ¬†Inaccurate, not beneficial and unjustified use
  • ¬†Cannot trace abnormalities
  • ¬†No strict equipment-safety standards
  • ¬†Unskilled operators

Unsound ultrasound¬† /¬†¬†WHO alert / Unproven safety¬† /¬†¬†Scans ‚Äúconfirmed‚ÄĚ clubfoot, but feet turned out normal¬† /¬† More health risks¬† /¬†¬†Routine use of no benefit¬†¬†/¬† Avoid unnecessary exposure¬† /¬†¬†Routinely used in Malaysia¬† /¬†Inaccurate, not beneficial & unjustified use¬† /¬† Cannot trace abnormalities¬† /¬†¬†What is ultrasound?¬† /¬† Creates unnecessary anxiety¬† /¬†¬†No strict equipment-safety standards¬† /¬† Ultrasound malpractice lawsuit¬† / Unskilled operators¬† /¬†¬†Important advice for pregnant women¬† /¬† Q &‚ÄąA on ultrasound in pregnancy

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