We are Human Guinea Pigs


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ISBN 978-967-5447-78-5
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Pages: 80

ALL chemicals are considered safe for human use unless proven otherwise. In the US, Australia and other countries, there are no requirements to show that chemicals are safe before people are exposed to them. Human beings are used as guinea pigs in this global chemical experiment of big corporations. Over 80,000 chemicals are used today — most of them not tested for safety.

For example, Bisphenol A (BPA) first used in 1957, had its first adverse effects reported in 1997. It took 55 years of human exposure to BPA before any action was taken against it. 3.6 million tonnes of BPA were used yearly, to make baby bottles, inside liners of canned foods and drinks, adhesives, artificial teeth, etc.

BPA is only one of the estimated 800 endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) which have hormone-disrupting properties. Hormones coordinate the development of humans, from a single fertilised cell to the many millions of specialised cells that make up the blood, bones, brain, and other tissues. Disrupting our hormones can cause cancers and many health problems. The World Health Organisation calls them a global threat. Find out more about these silent health saboteurs in your daily life.


Chemicals That Fool Our Bodies to Do Wrong Things / Hormones Regulate & Coordinate Our Body Functions  / Worrying Increases in Endocrine Diseases  /  Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are Wrecking Our Lives  /  5 Reasons Why You Should Worry About EDCs  /  Tiny Amounts of EDCs Cause Big Problems  /  Poisoned by EDCs in Everyday Life  /  10 Common Sources of EDCs  /  Over 24,000 Chemicals in Bottled Water!


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