What’s In Your Bread


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ISBN 978-983-3083-74-9
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Pages: 52

Most of today’s mass-produced foods are seriously depleted of nutrients and are highly chemicalised with additives. Processed foods today are not just more sophisticated versions of the foods eaten by our ancestors.

A wide spectrum of essential nutrients have been removed from them in the manufacturing process. The basic molecular structure of what remains is also degraded and nutritionally inferior. One such food is bread.

10 Things Wrong with Modern Industrial Bread

  1. Too Much Additives
  2. Too Much Salt
  3. Hidden Trans Fat
  4. Overuse of Yeasts
  5. Dubious Enzymes
  6. Toxic Flour
  7. Pesticides Residues
  8. Heavy Metals
  9. Nutrient Depleted
  10. Human Hair as Ingredient


Bread Today, Disease Tomorrow?  /  The Problem with Modern Flour Milling  /  Premixes: The End of Traditional Bread  /  Health Risks from Modern Bread-Making Processes  /  10 Things Wrong With Modern Industrial Bread  /  Make Your Own Healthy Home-made Bread  /  Recipe for Home-Made Bread  /  Useful Bread-making Tips  /  92% of Breads Tested by CAP Have Too Much Preservatives


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