When Medicine Don’t Work




ISBN 978-967-0747-24
Book size: 215 x 140 mm
Pages: 133

Antibiotic resistance, now widened to be called antimicrobial resistance, is the world’s greatest public health risk and threat.  We are now so used to using antibiotics that it is almost unthinkable what would happen to our state of health if there were none available.  Or if the antibiotics don’t work anymore.

This book is a collection of articles written over two decades, tracing the antimicrobial resistance problem as it evolved through the years into a full blown crisis.  It also contains the author’s speaking notes at the UN General Assembly summit-level special event on AMR.   It provides news and opinions in popular language on various aspects of AMR.

I Lessons of the Cholera Outbreak¬† ¬†/¬† II Horrors and Dangers of Modern Animal Farm¬†¬† /¬† III Revamp Needed of Livestock System Itself¬† ¬†/¬†¬†IV The Dangers of Antibiotics in Animal Feed ¬† /¬† V ‚ÄėSuper Germs‚Äô Causing Global Health Crisis¬† ¬†/¬† VI Diseases Emerge as Germs Break ‚ÄúSpecies Barriers‚ÄĚ ¬† /¬† VII Scientists Warn on Health Risks from Genetic Engineering¬† ¬†/¬† VIII The Threat of New Diseases ¬† /¬† IX Viral Epidemic Shows Up the Crisis of New Diseases¬† ¬†/¬† X New Diseases as Viruses Break Species Barriers ¬† /¬† XI Irrational Drug Use Causing Rise of Anti-Microbial Resistance¬† ¬†/¬† XII WHA Reviews World‚Äôs Health Problems ¬† /¬† XIII Medicines Becoming Useless Due to Overuse¬† ¬†/¬† XIV New Super-Bugs a Threat to Human Life ¬† /¬† XV Worrisome Rise of Super Malaria¬† ¬†/¬† XVI Drug Resistance Now a ‚ÄúCatastrophe‚ÄĚ ¬† /¬† XVII When Drugs Don‚Äôt Work Anymore¬† ¬†/¬† XVIII WHO Sounds Alarm Bell on Antibiotic Resistance ¬† /¬† XIX State of the World‚Äôs Health¬† ¬†/¬† XX Action to Use Medicines Wisely?¬† ¬†/¬† XXI Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Plan At Last ¬† /¬† XXII Super Drug-Resistant Gene Raises New Health Alarm¬† /¬† XXIII World Leaders Pledge Action to Control Superbugs¬† /¬† XXIV Can We Preserve Modern Medicine?

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