Why You Can’t Lose Weight




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Can’t lose weight? Often it’s because of things you are exposed to.

Obesogens are chemical compounds that make and keep you fat.

They are found:

  • in common plastics and household items (eg: water bottles, shower curtains, non-stick pans and air fresheners);
  • in food and water (as food additives, and also in food/drinks packaging materials);
  • in personal care products (eg: shampoo, hair spray and nail varnish) and cleaning products (eg: laundry detergents and household cleaners); and
  • in the air that we breathe in the form of pollutants (eg: fine particles such as those found in cigarette smoke and haze).
Antibiotics can affect the bacteria in our gut, which in turn affects our appetite and metabolism, thus making us fat. Antibiotics are used as growth promoters for farm animals.

High-fat, high-sugar diets change intestinal bacteria, leading to weight gain. What matters is not how much you eat, but what you eat.

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