Re-registration of commercial vehicles, a necessary hassle

Whether the re-registration exercise of commercial vehicles is a source of contention to transport operators or not it is vital to compile proper records which has hitherto been messy under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing board. The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) should go ahead as planned.

Ever since the vehicle re-registeration exercise was started in May there has been endless complaints from transport operators. They prefer to remain with the old system under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB), because the re-registration requires them to submit a long list of documents. Whatever the reason, SPAD is trying to put in a system where there will accountability, traceability, safety and efficiency.

The state of affairs when SPAD took over CVLB and reported in beginning of this year was shocking news to everyone. Everything was left in shambles. The bad record keeping and tracking system by CVLB eventually led to the industry being abused by various parties.

Unsafe public vehicles, rude and drug addicted drivers, incompetent drivers with bad road safety records, unscrupulous taxi drivers who fleece unsuspecting passengers. licensing problems and rent taking are all daily reports by the media for far too long.

The public is sick and tired of the many issues and lives lost owing to the negligence of road transport operators and authorities alike. They have been waiting patiently for the day when all these issues will be history so that they may travel safely anywhere without any hassle.

CAP urges the operators to conform to the re-registration exercise and not put up unnecessary resistance and delay matters. SPAD should go ahead as planned and prosecute those who do not re-register.

Letter to the Editor, 30 September 2011