Residents in Kampung Kedah in Perak Have Been Using Dirty Water for the Past 60 Years

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urges the Perak state government, Manjung District Office and Perak Water Board to take immediate action to supply piped treated water for the daily use of nine families in Kampung Kedah, Sungai Puyu near Teluk Senangin in Perak.

CAP’s survey found that the households in this village were forced to use dirty water from wells in the absence of piped water since they lived in the village more than 60 years ago.

Well water pumped from underground is not only silty but also yellow and only used by the residents here to bathe. If the villagers use the dirty well water to wash clothes, these also turn yellow.

Hence for drinking, cooking and washing clothes, the villagers had to take water from a surau which is located about 1km from the village.

The problem becomes more serious during drought due to decline of groundwater resources and wells drying up. The villagers then find it very difficult to obtain well water even for bathing purposes.

The situation here is highly burdensome for the families in the village, especially housewives who have to maintain the cleanliness, hygiene and health of their children, prepare food, wash clothes and so on.

CAP hopes that the state authorities give due consideration to resolve the problem as soon as possible. CAP is disappointed that although the villagers have faced this basic needs problem for a long time, it is allowed to persist till now.

CAP is concerned that if the problem is neglected it can affect the health of the villagers. Therefore, CAP requests the Perak government to provide clean piped water supply to the residents of this village immediately.


Press Statement, 27th October 2015