Residents in Kampung Sungai Pinang worried over frequent flash floods

Five families in Kampung Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau, Penang are worried over the occurrence of flash floods whenever it rains heavily here.

Besides affecting the wellbeing of the villagers, the flash floods that have been plaguing them for the past four years also damages the furniture and appliances in their houses.

CAP’s investigation found that the flash floods were caused by a 300-metre long shallow drain with low sides. When it rains, water flow is obstructed and overflows into the villagers’ houses.

One of the residents here, Sabri Wahab, 40, stated that they had raised this problem to the relevant authorities numerous times but action has yet to be taken.

“We are worried that if the problem persists, the villagers especially their children’s safety will be threatened besides being afflicted with water-borne diseases”, he said.

Sabri mentioned that each time it floods, not only mud but also rubbish and other waste flows into their houses.

CAP sympathises with the affected villagers and urges the Penang government and the Drainage and Irrigation Department to take immediate action to resolve this problem.

We regret that no action has been taken by the concerned authorities although the villagers have been suffering for the past four years.

We believe that the failure of the authorities to tackle the source of the problem will invite various threats to the lives of the villagers and the environment.

Furthermore, proposed development projects in particular development on hill land nearby the traditional villages in Balik Pulau have to be comprehensively reviewed.

Press Release, 1 February 2013