REUSE Plastic Items Instead of Trashing Them

Reusing a plastic item to extend its use and lifetime will maximise its utilisation and reduce plastic waste.
Reusing your plastic cutlery or going for a compostable alternative could personally save you 466 items of unnecessary plastic every year (WWF). Additionally, converting 20% of plastic packaging into reuse models is a USD 10 billion business opportunity that benefits consumers and represents a crucial element in the quest to eliminate plastic waste and pollution.
Increased demand can lead to businesses expanding options for consumer reuse.
Here are some examples of what you can do:
> Reuse before recycle.
> Reuse packaging materials or send packaging back to be reused.
> Reuse bags for shopping and carrying items.
> Wash and reuse takeaway containers.
> Sell or donate products so that someone else can use them.
What Governments can do: Promote reuse and circular economy structure for the plastics system.
What Businesses can do: Set specific supply chain targets for reuse. 83% of consumer respondents found it important or extremely important that companies design products that are meant to be reused or recycled.