SAM Urges Immediate Solution to Pollution of Sungai Nyior

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Pahang state government and the Department of Environment to take immediate action to address the pollution of Nyior River in Balok near Kuantan.

The pollution that has persisted for some time now has not only caused the river water to turn black but the river water has also been found to contain high level of E-coli.

SAM’s survey here revealed that in addition to nearby residents being plagued with the stench from the river, road users in the area have to endure the same.

SAM is worried that if the pollution problem is not dealt with effectively it could bring about more serious consequences such as harming public health, cause extinction of fishery resources and affect the well-being of the local community.

SAM had written to the state authorities, the Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) and the relevant departments last August urging an investigation to be conducted and enquiring what action has been taken thus far. However until now we have yet to receive a response from the authorities concerned.

SAM is disappointed that although there have been many complaints regarding the Nyior River pollution, including from environmentalists, but till now no effective measures have been taken to resolve the pollution problem.

Thus, SAM reiterates our call to the state government of Pahang, MPK and the DOE to investigate this matter and disclose to the public the source of pollution and the latest state of pollution of the river.

Legal action should be taken against the polluters so that the violation to the environment is curbed and not happen again in the future.

Press Statement, 28 September 2016