Scamming operations threat to national security

It is now the year 2020 but it seems like the incidences of Chinese Nationals setting up shop in Malaysia to carry out their scamming operations has persisted from 2019. On New Year’s Eve 23 Chinese nationals were arrested in raid on scamming operations in Damansara Perdana and 87 Chinese nationals were arrested in Puchong two days later also for the same reason. Furthermore it was reported in mid-December last year that a total of 3185 people had been detained following 181 raids conducted nationwide.

Do they belong to one crime group or many unrelated crime groups? We cannot say, but one thing is for certain and that is that the organised crime division of our PDRM needs to get to root of the scamming operations. The local masterminds need to be weeded out immediately so that the scamming operations by Chinese nationals in Malaysia will stop.

Additionally the immigration department should have stricter visa requirements and procedures to prevent foreigners coming into our country on tourist visas but setting up scamming operations. Even if this may affect our tourism it is important to keep in mind the sheer number of foreigners who managed to enter Malaysia under false pretenses. Furthermore if foreigners can do this to set up scamming operations they can also do this to conduct any other criminal activities.

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) asks PDRM and the immigration department to up their game and to take into consideration our suggestions to ensure our national security. We hope the Rakyat can feel safer this 2020.


Press Statement                                                                      3 January 2020