Sections in CAP

Sections in CAP

To carry out the various activities, CAP has the following sections:


  1. Has various subsections, each focussing on specific issues such as health and nutrition, food and product safety, pharmaceuticals, basic needs, environmental problems, market malpractices, finance, workers’ rights, unethical advertising practices, culture and lifestyle, and issues related to women.
  2. Studies and surveys on these issues are carried out and sometimes, tests are conducted to check the safety and quality of foodstuff and consumer products. 


  1. Works with communities such as plantation workers, fishermen, farmers, rubber smallholders, tenants and squatters, etc and helps them articulate problems related to their livelihood and living conditions
  2. Also provides them with basic consumer education on issues such as food, nutrition and health. This is done through talks, discussions, house-to-house counselling, slide shows and exhibitions. 


  1. Provides consumer education for many groups, including school and college students, teachers, women and youth groups, and religious organisations. Organises seminars, workshops, exhibitions and drama competitions on consumer issues.
  2. Attention is particularly given to school students as they are the future parents and policy makers. The section has helped to set up consumer clubs in more than 200 schools in Penang and other states.
  3. Through its consumer education programmes, CAP hopes that a new generation of conscious, concerned and committed citizens will emerge. 


  1. Handles complaints from the public on all kinds of issues (eg: poor quality products and services, food adulteration, tenancy problems). About 3,000-4,000 complaints are received annually through the mail, by phone and personal visits from irate consumers.


  1. Handles public interest cases and represents communities in need of legal assistance.
  2. Works closely with the Complaints Section to provide legal advice to consumers and to monitor laws that affect consumers. 


  1. Produces CAP’s news magazine, Utusan Konsumer. The Utusan has four editions — English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. All editions are published bimonthly.
  2. Produces a bimonthly magazine for primary schoolchildren, called Pengguna Kanak-Kanak.
  3. Works closely with the other sections to produce books, reports and pamphlets on various consumer issues. Also produces educational kits and posters for distribution to the public and for use during CAP’s education programmes. 


  1. Produces and maintains audio visual materials (videos, cassettes and slides) for use during CAP’s education programmes.
  2. Coordinates CAP’s major campaigns (eg: the anti-smoking campaign and the anti-alcohol campaign).