Sheer waste of water due to leaking tank, Lengkok Mahsuri Flats, Bayan Baru, Penang

CAP is very disappointed that the leaking water tanks on the rooftop of several blocks in Lengkok Mahsuri has yet to be repaired and this has caused large amounts of water to be wasted.

The problem of leaking water tanks has been going on since five years ago, causing water to spill out all the time and more overflow occurs at night. The residents and CAP had complained to the relevant authorities but till now the problem has not been solved.

CAP’s latest investigation found that five blocks in Lengkok Mahsuri face the problem of leaking water tanks. We are concerned that millions of litres of water would have been wasted over the years because the management and authorities had not seriously addressed the problem.

Recently, in early September 2013, CAP had forwarded the complaint to the Chief Minister of Penang, State Secretary, Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN), Penang Development Corporation and South West District Officer.

CAP had also lodged a complaint to the authorities in 2011.  SPAN Northern Region office had investigated and found that the tank was indeed leaking and had advised the management of the flats to repair the leakage to prevent water wastage.

Former State Assemblyman for Pantai Jerejak YB Sim Tze Tzin has also met the residents in Lengkok Mahsuri regarding this problem. According to SPAN, in a letter to CAP dated 27 May 2011 this problem was expected to be solved after allocation is received from the Penang State Government and channeled to the Management Committee to carry out the repair work.

CAP is frustrated that proper action had not been taken although solutions were proposed since long ago.  CAP urges the buildings management committee takes immediate action to resolve the problem.

The call for consumers to save water would remain meaningless if water leakages like these are neglected and action not taken to plug the leak.

Press Release, 20 September 2013