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This is not surprising considering the advancements in modern food technology which is always looking for new food additives and new ways to reduce costs and maximise profits.
Consider the feeding of cattle with chicken droppings, rearing maggots for animal feed, or feeding animals with blood and feather meal. All these are considered as protein sources for the animals reared for our food. For roughage, animals are fed pot scrubbers, telephone books and candy wrappers.
Food animals are routinely fed antibiotics not so much as to prevent or cure animal disease but more as a growth promoter. The usage of antibiotics on farms is higher compared to the usage on humans. Studies have found very high prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (up to 75%) in both our local and imported meats. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans can kill especially the young, old and weak. Antibiotic resistance also renders antibiotics ineffective, making simple sicknesses difficult to cure or even incurable.
In this book you will find a lot of animal and shocking ingredients in your food, many of which may be offensive to vegetarians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.
But even for the non-religious and non-vegetarians, it is an eye-opener to all consumers as to what you are really eating in your food.
Meat Culture and the Proliferation of Hidden Animal By-products / Putting Slaughterhouse Wastes into Our Foods and Products / Blood from Slaughterhouses Recycled into Foods / Unexpected and Hidden Animal Ingredients / Animal Ingredients and Chemicals that Vegetarians Should Watch Out For / Animal Enzymes, Hair and Feathers in Your Bread / Gelatine from Animal Sources Commonly Found in Processed Foods / Rennet from the Stomach of Calves Used for Cheese-Making / Whey, a Waste Product from Cheese-Making, is NOT for the Lactose Intolerant / Red Dye from Crushed Bug Used in Foods / Bug Secretions, Skin and Bone Extracts Used in Confectionery / Varakh: Made with Cattle Intestines / Animal Ingredients in Dietary Supplements / Lanolin: Key Cosmetic Ingredient Extracted from Sheep, Contains Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides / What are You Really Putting on Your Lips / Animal Bones in Crockery / Unexpected Animal Ingredients in Daily Use Products / Cruelty in Honey-Making / Silk: Extreme Cruelty Embedded in the Beautiful Material / Animals Gassed and Electrocuted for Animal Hairbrushes / Would You Still Eat Meat? Animals Fed with Filth / Blood, Feathers… & More Used as Protein Supplements in Animal Feed / The Folly of Feeding Animals Antibiotics