Shoddy TM services

Recently Telecom Malaysia discontinued its e-mail services without giving sufficient time for consumers to migrate to other alternative e-mail services. Many subscribers of Streamyx were caught by surprise. Why was there no public announcement on the discontinuation so that more subscribers would have been made aware of?

The services terminated were,,, and Many Streamyx subscribers unaware of the move by TM lost all their email accounts along with valuable documents.

The lucky ones were those who were able to read the e-mail notification or the posting on TM Website. The notice gave just a week for subscribers to migrate to other e-mail services. The short period given to migrate put subscribers through a lot of unnecessary trouble and frustration, especially while our Internet speed has been far below the expectation.

The ridiculously low speed at which Streamyx broadband has been operating for the last 3 months is another serious problem which subscribers have been fuming over. Important messages could not be downloaded with frequent disruptions throughout the day. Even computer classes had to be cancelled for a week or two at some locations in Penang. Why is TM providing such shoddy service and at the same time encouraging subscribers to upgrade to higher broadband speeds?

CAP has received many complaints from Streamyx broadband subscribers and calls on the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to ensure that fixed line subscribers are given a fair deal and that they are not taken advantage of by TM. TM has to explain why it had to terminate the e-mail services at such short notice.

Letter to the Editor, 18 December 2013