Support the public campaign against the promotion of nuclear technologies

Dear friends,
despite the on-going environmental and human disasters brought by the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear reactors meltdown, the Japanese government is hell-bent to continue its export of what has become questionable nuclear power generation technologies.

Since Fukushima, Japan has witnessed a revival of a citizen-led anti-nuclear power movement. As the crisis entered its 6th month, between Sept 11 and 18, a week-long campaign is being mounted by civil society and environmental organisations to pressure the government to abandon its plan to sell such undesirable technologies abroad (including to Malaysia) amid unresolved crisis back home.

Malaysia is one of several countries that had entered into an agreement cooperation with Japan to acquire Japanese nuclear technologies and the Malaysian government has insisted that it will go ahead with its plan to build two reactors following Fukushima. Hence, CAP urges you to support the Japanese public campaign in telling its government to stop promoting its nuclear technologies abroad.

You can do so by signing the petitiion at

Please help to disseminate this campaign to your friends and contacts and via all your social networking sites.

Thank you.