Laundry Hacks

Let’s talk laundry and how we can turn our wash routine into a sustainability powerhouse! Here are 3 simple hacks to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

> Choose Room-temperature Water: Choose the room-temperature water option when setting up your washing machine. Your clothes will still come out brilliantly clean, and you will be slashing your energy usage. Moreover, room-temperature water can preserve the colours and keep your clothes looking vibrant and fresh.

> Full Loads Only: Wait until you have a full load before running the machine. It maximises efficiency and minimises the number of wash cycles, saving both water and energy.

> Sunshine Fresh: When possible, hang your clothes to dry in the sun. It is the ultimate energy-free drying solution that leaves your clothes fresh and Mother Nature happy.

Small actions have a big impact! Let’s show some love to our planet with every laundry load. Together, we can make a difference.

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