How Trees are Cooling

In a world where temperatures are rising, trees are our ultimate allies in combating the heat and contributing to a cooler and healthier planet. Trees are not just a beautiful part of the ecosystem, they are natural air conditioners. Planting trees around our homes can create a transformative impact on our surroundings.

Cooling Powers: Through a process called transpiration, trees absorb water through their roots and release water vapour from their leaves, like how we sweat. This evaporation process cools the air, reducing ambient temperatures. Research shows that urban forests have temperatures that are on average 2.9°F (1.36°C) lower than unforested urban areas.

Natural Umbrella: The leafy canopy of trees acts as a natural umbrella, providing shade underneath. The leaves and branches of an urban tree typically block 10-30% of incoming solar radiation from reaching the ground beneath their canopy. The tree’s leaves absorb a portion of the solar energy for photosynthesis, while the remainder gets reflected back into the atmosphere. Planting trees and greenery strategically around buildings or using them to shade pavement in parking lots and streets is a highly effective mitigation strategy. In Malaysia, the hottest afternoon sun is from the west direction. West-facing areas tend to receive the most direct sunlight and heat during the afternoon hours. Studies indicate that positioning deciduous trees or vines to the west yields the best results in cooling buildings, particularly when they provide shade to windows and portions of the building’s roof.

Earth’s Heroes: The benefits go beyond personal comfort. Trees are climate warriors, combating global warming. They absorb carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, and provide oxygen. This process helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, acting as a natural carbon sink. They store carbon in their biomass, including roots, stems, and leaves, thereby reducing the amount of this greenhouse gas in the air.

So, let’s take a pledge! Let’s plant more trees around our homes, schools, and communities. Whether it’s a tiny sapling or a majestic shade provider, every tree counts. Get involved in local tree-planting initiatives or start one in your area. Together, we can create a greener, cooler, and more sustainable world for generations to come. Let’s make our homes and our Earth cooler, one tree at a time!

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