Set a Timer on the Air Conditioner at Night

Let’s start with a quick realisation on how much electricity air conditioners consume. On average, a home air conditioner (2 horsepower) can use about 1,900 watts of electricity an hour. If you have it on all day, that accumulates to a whopping 45,600 watts of electricity in a day! Being mindful of this consumption is not only crucial for your electricity bills but also for the environment.

Did you know that setting a timer on your air conditioner at night can be a game-changer? Here is why:

Cool & Conscious: Using timers helps regulate your air conditioner usage, especially during the night when temperatures drop naturally. Set it to turn off or adjust to a higher temperature when you are asleep.

Energy Savings: By programming your air conditioner to switch off during the cooler night hours, you are not just saving electricity, you are also giving your wallet a break with reduced electricity bills. Smartly managing your cooling system can have a significant impact on long-term cost savings.

Sleep Easy, Eco-Friendly: A comfortable night’s sleep without the constant hum of the air conditioner is not just refreshing; it is an environmentally conscious choice. Plus, it helps you sleep better! There is a direct link between reduced noise and improved sleep quality. Constant humming from appliances, including air conditioners, can disrupt the sleep cycle, preventing you from entering deep and restorative sleep stages.

By limiting the use of the air conditioner to essential times, you not only create a more comfortable sleep environment but also contribute to a reduction in your electricity bill. In our previous post, Theeban, our education officer in CAP, had successfully reduced his electricity bills from RM171 to RM35 by not using his air conditioner for 5 months (story here:

Most modern air conditioner units have timer settings that are user-friendly. With just a few taps to programme, you are all set for energy-efficient cooling. Cooling smartly does not mean sacrificing comfort; it means finding a balance that is kinder to both the environment and your budget!

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