Singapore Orders Recall Of Malaysian Noodle Due To Undeclared Gluten

Image via Tehki & Singapore Food Agency (SFA) (Facebook)

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has directed to recall of Taste Original’s Organic Mee Suar (300g) due to the discovery of undeclared gluten.

Gluten, a protein naturally found in grains like wheat, was not properly disclosed on the Malaysian company’s food packaging labels, a violation of Singapore’s Food Regulations.

Given that gluten is a known allergen, SFA has directed the product’s importer, Taste Original Pte Ltd, to conduct a comprehensive recall of the affected item.

“The recall is ongoing,” SFA said in a statement issued yesterday, 28 September.

Image via Singapore Food Agency (SFA) (Facebook)

Individuals with gluten hypersensitivity may experience allergic reactions upon consumption of products containing gluten. To ensure the safety of consumers with food allergies, SFA mandates that food packaging labels clearly declare ingredients known to cause hypersensitivity.

The expiry date of the product being recalled is 29 August 2024

Consumers who have purchased the recalled product are advised not to consume it. For any inquiries, affected consumers may contact their point of purchase, SFA stated in the statement.

Source: SAYS (29 September 2023)