The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) calls on the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism and Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) to take immediate steps to bring down the prices of vegetables, fruits, and fish that have increased up to 300% in the past one week.

It was reported on 15 November 2017 that the rise in prices and shortages of vegetables and fish was due to the prevailing monsoon season over the last few weeks.

We felt that anticipating a shortage during the monsoon season, Malaysia should stop the export of fish and vegetables to other countries and it should continue the ban to meet the domestic demand until the monsoon season is over.

The Following prices listed below give the comparative price.

CAP calls on the Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism to investigate the above price increases as average income earners will be badly affected by escalating prices of goods. Food price increases do not match the slower rise in wages thus burdening consumers with escalating living costs.

CAP has also been repeatedly calling for FAMA to take control of the marketing and distribution of vegetables in the country but our calls have fallen on deaf ears. Such control is critical because consumers’ access to proper diet is compromised with high cost of food.

Press Statement, 20 November 2017