Stop Logging Activities in Bukit Perak

CAP urges the Kedah government to take immediate action to stop logging activities in Bukit Perak in the district of Pendang because it is polluting the environment and jeopardising the wellbeing of the local residents here.

CAP is upset that although the logging activity has been going on for some time, no effective action has been taken to handle the ensuing problems.

Since two months ago 500 families in Kampung Titi Akar, Pendang have been forced to use muddy water as their community water supply has been polluted due to the logging activities.

The water used by the community is claimed to be silted, muddy and sandy.  The Bukit Perak Recreation Forest here and paddy fields in the neighbouring area have also been affected by the logging operations.

CAP is concerned because not only the environment is degraded but the health of consumers using this contaminated water is compromised, besides affecting the yield and income of paddy farmers here.

CAP requests the State Forestry Department, Pendang District Office, Health Department and Kedah State EXCO for Local Government, Water Supply and Water Resources Badrul Hisham bin Hashim, to conduct a field survey to investigate the problem and come up with a prompt solution.

In addition, the Agriculture Department and Department of Irrigation and Drainage must assist paddy farmers affected by the siltation and sedimentation as a result of the logging activity.

CAP views that compensation should be given to farmers whose income have been threatened or suffered losses as a result of the logging activity.

CAP believes that if the problem is left unsolved, the environment, life and livelihood of the affected resident and paddy farmers will be seriously impacted in the future.  CAP is dismayed that environmental degradation still persists while the country is celebrating World Environment Day which fell on 5th June.

Press Release, 11 June 2014