The Consumer Hypnotized

Marketers use all kinds of tricks, gimmicks, psychological wizardly and emotional blackmail to exploit you to make a purchase. Have you experienced what the retired car salesman described below? And regret the purchase later on? Many of us suffer from IMPULSIVE BUYING.

Advertisers create wants and most of the time — things that are often unnecessary — are advertised the most. It used to be unhealthy cigarettes and soft drinks. Now it is the slimming and beauty treatments. The latest models of mobile phones and other stuff are advertised to tempt you or hynotize you to make a purchase. Or make go to a fancy restaurant or a unhealthy fast food joint? Are they really good and necessary and do you need the stuff or an upgrade?

Just go home and look at all the unnecessary and unused clothing, shoes, furniture, supplements and accessories that clutter your home. Just do an inventory and calculate much you could have saved? Next time when you go shopping, just remember the unused clutter you have accumulated or how many old handphones you have back home.

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